Cokao Chocolate

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Cokaó?

  • Cokaó chocolate is the gourmet ingredient that is transforming the ordinary into the decadent, in both flavor and experience. Cokaó blends the finest European chocolate and vanilla beans to create a creamy, decadent spread that is as versatile as it is delicious. A perfect balance of sweet, salt, cream and dark chocolate, this all-natural chocolate “blend” can be used on and in many things to add rich chocolate flavor and a velvety texture.  When heated, it is transformed into a key ingredient used to make numerous artisanal chocolate desserts that can be served hot or cold. 
  • Cokaó is a blended chocolate with the finest European chocolate to create a decadent main ingredient in artisan chocolate desserts.  By adding only a few extra ingredients, you can create an ever-expanding list of desserts that only takes minutes to prepare. 

2. Why do I need this product?

  • A restaurant can easily rotate numerous Cokaó chocolate desserts on a nightly special menu because of the fast prep time and few extra ingredients.
  • Labor cost: Anyone can create an artisan dessert with Cokaó including a prep cook with basic culinary or food prep experience.
  • Consistency: Cokaó has been designed to give you consistent results repeatedly.  In addition, the recipes Cokaó have been developed will require limited extra ingredients.

3. How can Cokaó help me?

  • Cokaó makes your life easier.
  • You can create superior chocolate desserts or dishes in under ten minutes because most of the work is taken care of with our rich and creamy blend of chocolate.
  • Cokaó tests each recipe in its own kitchen with culinary chefs and cooking novices to make sure each recipe is easy, fast and delicious.

4. What does it do?

  • A buttery European chocolate spread for pastries or baked goods.  Great as an added offering for your complimentary house bread.
  • Make artisan chocolate desserts witihin minutes with minimal prep, few extra ingredients and limited pastry knowledge.
  • As ingredient in an ever-expanding, list of unique artisan and delicious chocolate desserts.
  • Pastry chefs use Cokaó to make a chocolate dessert stock they call Crème de Cokaó to enhance chocolate recipes.

5. Is Cokaó easy to use?

  • Cokaó is extremely easy to use and the majority of recipes are produced under ten minutes and require little cooking knowledge or other ingredients.
  • Cokaó has been developed for restaurant personel with basic pastry or cooking skills.

6. How many ingredients do I need to have other than Cokaó?

  • On Average, depending on the recipe, no more than two extra ingrdients and they should already be in your pantry.

7. How much prep time is needed to create a dessert?

  • Average recipe is under ten minutes.

8. What is Cokaó made of?

  • Cokaó is an all-natural product made with no artificial flavors or colors and is gluten free.
  • Cokaó is a chocolate "Blend" that is produced with the finest European chocolate.  By adding only a few extra ingredients, you can create an ever-expanding list of artisan desserts that only takes minutes to prepare. 
  • Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor, cocoa, pasteurized cream, salt, milk, milk fat, butter, sweetened condensed milk, natural vanilla bean, vanilla extract, guar & xanthium gum.

9. Chocolate is expensive.  How can I afford it?

  • Producing high quality chocolate desserts and dishes is expensive because of the labor involved in its preparation.  With Cokaó the labor and expertise needed to produce these desserts is already in the product.
  • Cokaó has been formulated to have a balanced, not overpowering chocolate flavor with baked pastries.  However, when Cokaó is heated the chocolate flavor blossoms into a rich, decadent cocoa experience, so you don’t need a lot of raw chocolate to produce the flavor Cokaó produces.

10. I only have two chocolate desserts on the menu.  What else is there to do with chocolate?

  • You can add numerous superior artisan desserts with the use of our recipe book.  Our recipe book has been developed by culinary chefs to assist you in the development of your dessert menus.  The possibilities are endless with Cokaó. 
  • You also can add savory entrée selections or drink specials with Cokaó chocolate.  Cokaó has been made into barbeque sauces, Spanish mole, hot chocolate, chocolate mocha coffee and milkshakes. 

11. How can I purchase Cokaó?

  • It is currently being sold at Michael John’s Restaurant in Bradenton, Florida.
  • On line at